14 December

It is starting to get cold and windy here in Greece and now is the time when we can start getting creative with our outfits.This season I have updated my smart basics and also I focused on some breathtaking items like this awesome snakeskin thigh-high boots which I honestly consider they have the same power of a red lipstick, I mean they just get the job done without trying so hard.

What I like of a snakeskin or snake print is that it is the coolest and chicest, more  than leopard print , even though I also admire it, the snake print is not exactly a neutral but its less “in your face” like the leopard. Since the last years this print is becoming a classic by now and we can tell from our fave IG accounts.



You have to keep in mind that these boots will make any outfit look incredible and expensive, so you don’t want to minimize that effect by adding another attention catcher to your outfit (unless it is an awesome fur coat), just try to keep your accessories to simple gold accents.

white, black, grey, tans & denim will work very well and, for those of you who are not intimidated at all by this print ,you can try any bold or bright color item to take the outfit to the next level! 

I actually would like to see what other ideas do you have or do you already wear with this top trend just leave a comment here below or send me a DM ( you know where).

Chao mi amor!

Boots: Jessica Simpson
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